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Using realistic and actionable tactics energise the audience and motivate them to take work.


Advocating digital transformation. Inspiring individuals and companies to change for the better.


Creativity is essential. A new way of thinking could be the secret to your long-term success.

My Services

What Do I Offer

Technology Development

We help our customers develop their website, mobile applications; and even building their technological product from prototype to go-to-market.

Branding and Marketing

We help our customers to define the core pillars of their brands; and create clear, actionable plans that will reach marketing goals and drive brand value.

Digital and Social Media

We help our customers increase their online presence while engaging their audiences on social media.

Influencer Marketing

We help our customers identify and approach the key influencers for their brands; interacting with both them and their community to help drive engagement.

Public Relations

We help our customers craft and tell their story to their potential and current customers, building more brand trust.

Creative and Design

We help our customers create the right visuals for their business, be it product, UI and UX, packaging to communication design; across industries and geographies.

About Me

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Educator

Being a technopreneur at heart, Pak has always seen the mismatch between tech’s full potential and real-world applications. With a background in the hospitality world working with popular chains such as Club Med and Hyatt group, coupled with a successful exit from his franchise of llaollao Singapore, his goal is to make tech accessible for brands and businesses conveniently, affordable and scalable way.

I saw the tech industry’s exciting opportunity, where P/E ratios were not in tangent to the business model or revenue. That’s when I met my co-founders Sabrina Wang and Edmund Lee, and our journey began.

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Need help with your business?

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