8 Secrets of a Successful, Profitable Florist Business

A successful floral business is what every florist wishes for. However, not all succeed. The floral business is more than just selling or creating beautiful flower bouquets or arrangements. It is also about having the ability to manage the business so that finances and income will be used wisely. Just like how other retail businesses […]

Letting Go of Your Business

Before I wrote this post, I posted the question on social media: Why do you think it is important to delegate tasks? One of them replied: “How the s*** do you get everything done?!?!” But of course, not everyone is able to let it go. In fact, some people view delegation as a negative thing. […]

Effective Ways To Beat Procrastination

Tomorrow – a word that holds hope. Tomorrow – also a standard retort for a mother lode of procrastination. We despise it, along with the extra anxiety that creeps up to say ‘Hello, I’m here… when are you going to pay attention to me?’ However, it seems so difficult to shake it off? Before we […]

Leading A Healthy Lifestyle; It’s Simpler Than It Seems

While we’re all hustling and trying to make a case for ourselves, it’s easy to get so caught up and engrossed in what we’re doing that we sometimes end up neglecting our health, and that’s why it’s really important to sometimes stop and make sure that you’re not running yourself into the ground. After all, […]

5 Traits That Exhibits Excellent Leadership

  Everyone can be the boss but only a handful become leaders. So what exactly is leadership? American author John C Maxwell defines leadership as someone “who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” In other words, they transcend the term “manager” or “boss” and are willing to strive hard alongside their […]

Why We Sometimes Need To Take Risks

Change is constant and you can never fully predict with certainty what could happen next, and this is why sometimes you need to trust that gut instinct of yours. “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no […]

Entrepreneurship; A Trait Or An Acquired Skill?

Entrepreneurship is something that we see in prominent figures such as Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and more. But the burning question in everyone’s heads is this – were they just born with this inherent trait or did they acquire this through years of arduous exposure, experience and practice?

Simpler Way To Explain The Blockchain

You and I are residents of a village, in this village, we run everything based on trust. Say I am a sheepherder and you are a farmer. I have agreed to trade my 1 sheep for 10kg of your wheat.

The 3 Deadly Sins of the Digital World

We greatly value our freedom, and so we should. But the freedom that we enjoy should not be taken for granted – being able to speak, view and create the things that we want when we want. But there are many threats to the future of our freedom and technology plays a very big role […]