My Story

How I started out


Chow Pak Teng (a.k.a. Pak) is the CEO of BlockSpace Asia (BSA), a platform for start-ups and SMEs that are driven by blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and deep technology to connect and network. BSA currently serves as the middle ground between enterprises and solution providers to bring about adoption and education for those that are new to it. BSA also works with reputable organisations such as SME centre, ESG, Huobi, Quest Ventures etc.

In addition to BlockSpace Asia, Pak is also the founder of BlockVital, which holds and organises many public and corporate talks for interested parties to understand more about blockchain. Blockvital serves as an education foundation for the common man to understand blockchain better, at the same time, for business owners to perceive better the technology’s benefits.

Pak is also a sought-after public speaker, focusing on topics such as modern-day entrepreneurship and dynamic technological impacts. He has also given talks about technology in multiple countries such as Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand. Pak was also invited to be a panellist in multiple conferences on the topic of the blockchain technology.

Chow Pak Teng’s Story

Gaining his business roots from the traditional retail and F&B sectors, working in all sorts of jobs with diverse job scopes, Pak started out his career early by franchising one of the most popular frozen yoghurt brands in the whole of Asia and Europe and assisted with the process of its steady expansion throughout the region.

Pak also stood out during his enlistment with the Singapore army, winning multiple best cadet awards throughout his tenure. He graduated from Official Cadet School (Singapore) as part of the top 10 percentile of his cohort and was commissioned with the sword of merit.

As the business world started to evolve so rapidly with the assistance of the internet, he quickly realized the need to solve many gaps that were present in the social media space. Together with his team, they created Jibber – a social media app that allows users to retain their anonymity at the same time releasing themselves from social prejudice.

This project was also supported by SPRING Singapore, aided by the ACE startup fund. In more recent years, with upcoming technologies like Blockchain, IoT, AI, VR etc which will shape and evolve of the internet – Pak is involved in bringing this technology to the common folk, for them to understand how many industries have already been disrupted.

Urging more people to adopt new tech, and not to be left behind like dinosaurs. His latest projects, Blockvital and BlockSpace Asia, serves as the spearhead to grow the implementation of blockchain into the masses.

Chow Pak Teng’s Early Life

Pak’s family roots came from humble beginnings, with his dad being a lecturer throughout his whole life. His mum was an immigrant from Malaysia who started working as a seamstress in a factory and after gaining the skills and experience, came up and started her own small shop doing tailoring and alterations. She eventually settled down to become a housewife to take care of the family.

As a child, Pak showed multiple signs of being a natural entrepreneur and demonstrated potential business acumen by burning CDs (the glorious pre-MP3 era) and selling them to his classmates in school.

Breaking the stereotype of successful entrepreneurs usually achieving poor academical results, Pak battled consistently with less-than-average grades but broke through the perceived barriers to achieving great results by achieving 5 distinctions at one go. Since then, Pak has lived by an unforgettable life principle, which is to be successful, one has to set a goal and work towards it with persistence and consistency, seeing it through.

Growing up, Pak has always known that technology was more of an enabler than a disruptor by observing the development of phones. With new technological framework advancements like Blockchain, IOT, AI, VR today,  numerous unthought of possibilities in the market, business models and systems that never could have existed without the role of technology are developed and spread worldwide.

In Pak’s words, let’s not view technology as a scary monster that will (supposedly) take over our jobs, but view it as a tool to make our lives more convenient and much more comfortable.